About Me

Hi & Welcome!

I am Amrita, An MBA turned stay-at-home mom to a toddler. I am passionate about sharing my parenting journey, my learnings from this journey. My toddler kid has been an inspiration for me to learn about child development, concepts of Child based learning, Sensory based play and Child Led Parenting. I design activities for my toddler based on his developmental needs and learning interests. I firmly believe every child has their own desire and need to learn and each one of them learn at their own pace.

Why Am I Interested In Child Development and Early Education Activities

My son’s history of SPD: Sensory Processing Disorder motivated me to learn more about this issue and subjects pertaining to child developments, sensory activities, play-based learning activities. While today my toddler has overcome SPD, but my interest in this field grew into a passion, so I follow my heart and keep learning about it. I am here to share numerous activities which I have set up for my child which includes Pretend Play set ups, sensory bins, Art and painting activities and many more.

Most of my Activities are:

Child- led

Open -ended


Montessori concept inspired

Incorporates process art

Sensory based

Focused on Motor skills

Based on my child’s learning interest and needs